Well, I just got through one of the toughest fights in the game. In fact, it was a fight I wasn’t expecting just yet. It sure has me worried about what’s waiting in the finale (no spoilers from those who have finished, thank you).

As mentioned last time, I had finally made it to Crete after replaying the quest to trigger the ship captain. There was a side quest to find a missing healer. That involved a cave full of quite mean spider types. Not too difficult, but no walk in the park, either.

Then it was on to the inevitable: the great Labyrinth below the palace at Knossos. While it’s a maze, it wasn’t too bad as mazes go. Full of unpleasant critters of course: minor Medusae, undead, ghouls, and some minor Minotaurs.

It was just a matter of careful exploring, and the game helped by lighting up a pair of large braziers at certain points. I figured they marked the correct way, and I was right. Of course, you had to find them first.

As I expected, the Minotaur Lord (or THE Minotaur) was behind the usual locked door. Unfortunately, he was too far in and I couldn’t use the same trick on him as I did with the zombie. There was nothing for it, I had to step in.

The Minotaur wasn’t alone. No, he had no “friends” with him. What he did have was four – count ’em – four of those horrible fire towers. And they’re all merrily blasting away while I’m trying to dodge Mr. Big Bull and get some shots at him while on the run.

This was no easy matter. I could have run down to the door and out of range. But, with my light armor, I didn’t fancy going face-to-face with this thing. So it was just run-run-run, getting a shot off now and then, and drinking healing potions. I went through eight of them, more than in any other fight.

After taking a breather, I went on down the stairs to the next room. And there was Foozle. Yep, the game’s not over, and I’m up against the thing causing all this trouble. Now you know why I’m worried about what comes next.

This combat was even worse than the Minotaur. Telkine (to give him his name) was a spellcaster. That’s already bad news. He was hiding behind a magic barrier, and animated four big statues to fight for him. I was able to take those out with little trouble, since they always turned back when I went partway up the stairs.

Then he came out to fight. All spells, of course. So I’m dodging around, trying to get in hits while avoiding his attacks. Couldn’t manage it all the time, of course. I think he throws Concussive Blast, because now and then I was hit by some lighting spell that stunned me for a couple of seconds. Nasty!

Then from time to time, he’d call up a pair of life-eater demons. Fortunately, they could be Ensnared (Telkine couldn’t, of course). So it was net one, dance around and net the other, and get back to Foozle.

What made this especially hard is that those demons could heal him up. Once I’d had his hitpoints down low, and then suddenly he was back in good (though not complete) health. I was beginning to wonder if I could take him down before running out of healing.

I nipped up the stairs, and checked over my inventory. I had a complete Prometheus charm that did 27 fire damage over three seconds. Added that to my bow, took a deep breath, and re-entered the fray.

This time it went better. Still got hit with spells, still had those pesky demons to deal with, but I managed better positioning and FINALLY got Telkine out of the picture. Permanently. DOUBLE WHEW!!

Keep in mind here that I have a good bow that does extra damage, that I have some points in Storm Mastery that enchant my attacks with cold or lightning, and I’m wearing a nifty necklace that, among other things, adds 11-17 to damage. Even with all that, I needed the extra oomph from the Prometheus charm.

So I’m hardly finished with that, when I’m sent off to Egypt. A hero’s work is never done. By the way, I did the entire Labyrinth, and both fights, without ever teleporting out. After my experience in Athens, I decided it was safer that way.

The finale may be ahead. Stay tuned, sports fans!