Having arrived safely in Egypt, I discovered there is a lot more of this game to come. The finale is nowhere near as close as I thought. I could tell that from the teleport map.

When you step on a portal, a map opens showing the country (Egypt, in this case), along with a column of boxes, one for each portal. Places you haven’t been to yet are blank, but the box is there. I counted six more below my entry town of Rhakotis. So TitanQuest is a pretty big one.

Anyway, like all the places in Greece, Egypt has its share of monster problems. The library was overrun with them, and naturally I had to go there for something. The something was guarded by the Mother Of All Scarabs.

Of course Ensnare didn’t work on this thing. It was big and shot out multiple jets of poison. And just to add to the fun, it would call up a bunch of baby scarabs. So there I was, dodging poison blasts and while being chased by a small but vicious crowd of little beetles that wanted me for lunch.

I soon discovered that if even one of the babies was around, Momma didn’t call up more. So I killed all but one, then kept maneuvering to shoot just the Big M while not shooting the last little scarab.

Finally, after a lot of running around, I killed it. Good thing my Huntress has endless stamina and legs of iron. So I got my something and went to bring it to the Temple of Ptah in another town. Guess what?

That place was trashed, too, and so completely there was no way in. However, a helpful person told me to go on to Memphis (Egypt, not Tennessee ;). At least I’m getting the grand tour here.

After fighting my way through the usual hordes of unfriendlies, I made it to Memphis and handed over the scroll. Of course, that wasn’t all. Now I have to go out and find a couple of artifacts. And I also learned that the Telkine I killed earlier isn’t the only one; there are more running around somewhere. Just what I need.

Off into the desert wastes again. I do want to say they have some interesting monster types in this game, although I find it rather distressing to be killing some of my relatives.

The first artifact was guarded by a really elaborate system of monsters (behind the usual locked door, of course). A lot of mean spirits kept showing up. They weren’t hard to kill, but there seemed an endless number of them.

I’d come across something like this before: an evil device that kept generating spirits until destroyed. So I nipped into the room and sure enough, there were four of these things. Destroying them had some drawbacks, though.

On destruction, each device caused a giant statue to come to life. So once again, there I was using fancy footwork and the run-and-shoot maneuver. The statues weren’t hard to avoid but the spirits kept getting in the way (I was doing the devices one at time, thank you very much).

After that, it was plodding around the desert until I found the place with the second artifact. This was guarded by a giant scorpion (Uncle Milton, how could you??). Nasty as all the others, and it called up a bunch of little friends, too.

This sort of thing is getting old now. Bad enough to fight these monsters in small areas; having to deal with the extras over and over again is getting on my nerves. I hope there won’t be much more of this.

But it ain’t over yet. Oh no. Now I have to trudge on to Thebes. And there’s still that other Telkine (maybe more than one) running around. On the other hand, there can’t be much more to go, so perhaps tomorrow will see the finale. Stay with us, sports fans.