This game is a LOT longer than it looks. But first, when we last left our doughty Huntress, she was on the way to Thebes.

Of course, I don’t get to see much of the place, because no sooner do I arrive, then I’m sent off into the desert once again. There’s a side quest involving a corrupted priest, but he wasn’t too much of a problem.

Then in was into a tomb to find, yes, the next Telkine (these things must be everywhere). However, much to my surprise, this fight was a lot easier than the previous one.

Okay, he was a magic-user, too. And he did call up a couple of clones of himself from time to time. But the room was a fair-sized one, and I could run around the edge and keep out of trouble.

Fortunately, they didn’t follow me around, but tended to stay in one place. So I had breathing room to heal up when I needed it. Otherwise, it was just pound around and shoot when opportunity presented itself.

So after all that, we learn that the gods can’t help in this dire situation. No, we mortals must do the dirty work on our own. And now I have to go to Babylon.

That’s a big distance, and no jet flights are available. However, there’s a special portal in a nearby temple that can take me there toot sweet. Naturally, I can’t just go waltzing in and into the portal.

The usual suspects were there: undead, beetles, worms, and a mini-boss (on the mean side, but backing up helped). After battling through all those, I pop into the portal and arrive in Babylon.

The first thing I noticed was the regular portal. Uh oh. I stepped on it, and sure enough, there’s seven (!) more places below this one. Like I said, this game is a lot longer than it first appears.

And there’s no time for a breather, either. I just got here, and already I have to go take out another Telkine. Right up the old Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

There were some interesting critters along the way. A kind of creepy moss monster, spitting plants, and weird insects.

This somehow led into the Temple of Marduk. Unfortunately, the Telkine had already left. Even more unfortunately, he left a Chimera behind. Just my luck.

It was a really nasty monster with multiple heads and multiple attacks. I didn’t have much room to maneuver, because the room beyond the corridor had trap towers in four places. I can tell I had some close calls with this one. But I finally triumphed. Now it’s off on the trail of the Telkine. Sooner or later (later by the looks of things) we will reach the finale.