Greetings from China. You Think I’m kidding? Nope, it’s been a long and winding road, and the end isn’t in sight yet. But first…

After exiting the Temple of Marduk, I trudged on through the outskirts of Babylon and the Parthian Highlands to the fabled Silk Road. This led me into the mountains, where I had all sorts of “fun” fighting Neanderthals (anachronisms are rife in this game), Yeti and assorted other obstructions.

That’s in addition to a very unpleasant giant Yeti (very, very unpleasant) and a Neanderthal special who wasn’t much better. Good thing they were separate encounters.

Continuing on the road, I come into Outer Mongolia. It’s amazing how fast you can walk when you try. Or maybe the world was smaller in those days. Anyway, I reached a destroyed village, and from there it was on to the Great Wall of China.

I take a moment here to mention that some side quests give weapons as part of the reward for completion. I’m a Huntress. I use a bow. “Thank you so much for this magical staff I can’t use”. “I am SO grateful for this sword that is of no use to me”. You’d think they could work something in that took notice of your class.

Anyway, the Chinese were having monster problems on the wall. This didn’t surprise me. The Telkine has been cutting a bloody swath on his path to who-knows-where, leaving people with problems behind him.

So I clear that matter up for them, and farther along the wall, meet the commander. He thanks me for my help and tells me the village down below should be safe. He forgot to mention it wasn’t safe getting there.

It was dark, being night, and I went merrily along the road. Then I ran into several somethings, all apparently spellcasters. Don’t know what they were, since visibility was poor. But whatever they threw, it HURT.

My hit points dropped so fast it wasn’t funny. I ran back and up the wall as quickly as possible, being very near death. After healing up, I inched my way back. Good thing the NPC soldiers in this game are tough. They’d killed whatever it was that hit me (hey, if they’re this good, why can’t they take care of that Telkine?).

Anyway, eventually I made it to the village. Yes, it was a safe place. This is where I called a halt for the day. The teleporter here shows two more locations, so the finale might be ahead soon. Unless maybe we go to Japan and Hawaii (Hawaii sounds good for a vacation ;).