Well, here I am on the outskirts of what I guess is the Imperial city (the emperor is mentioned as having decamped, can’t blame him), after fighting my way through assorted insectoids, lizard men, tiger men, and whatnot.

Of course, these being the outskirts (why don’t places ever have outpants?), I have to fight my way in. You may know that one of the Chinese emperors was buried with a whole bunch of terracotta soldiers. Guess, just guess. Yep, they have somehow come to life or been animated.

Fortunately, the ones outside the palace were easy to handle. I had no trouble luring them away one at a time, netting it, and then finishing it off with my bow. The thing inside the palace was another matter.

This was some sort of spellcaster, and he had some nasty spells. He also had a habit of teleporting away now and then, especially when I was starting to hurt him. And he had friends, of course, more of the statues. As it turned out, though, they weren’t much of a problem.

Finally wore the mage-thing down and collected my reward. But those weren’t all. Some are loose in the city and only yours truly can handle them. Naturally. This made no sense. I’m told the guards are afraid to fight the statues because they might become cursed. Yet, when I was close enough to the guards, they came and fought anyway.

With that taken care of, I headed out to visit the Yellow Emperor. After a long and weary journey, I arrived at his palace. Along the way, I discovered what it was I ran into that dark night: Dragonians. Amazingly dangerous critters.

The archers shot fire that damaged me a lot, and they also had mages with equally-nasty spells. It’s no wonder they took me down so quickly. I have done my best to avoid these things when I can.

Outside the palace, I had to get rid of a big demon bull. This wasn’t too bad since I had plenty of room for backing up. He has a fire ring spell, but at a distance, that did no harm. He could also call up a bunch of shadow stalkers, but they were trivial.

So I get to talk to the Emp and he sends me right on my way through the cellar? basement? whatever of his palace. Naturally there was opposition: more of the terracotta statues. What were they doing here? Don’t know, but I used the same technique as before.

Then it was through some tunnels of ratmen and other minor nuisances, and I was back out in the daylight.

So what is this all about? He’s sending me back to Chang’an, where I can portal in, so why bother with this underground business? Apparently, so I can do some little side quest; there isn’t any other reason I could see.

With that out of the way, I teleported to the town. A gate that was sealed before can now be opened, and I’m on my way to what I hope is the finale at last.