So, it’s done. I am very, very, VERY glad the game is finished. For awhile, I really wondered if this was going to go on forever, or close to it. But let us make haste (sorta) to the finale.

First, I had to go down under a mountain, through a series of caves. This was quite nasty. After fighting my way past various undead, including undead Dragonions, I decided to zip back to town for extra healing potions.

When I stepped on the portal to return, I noticed the icon for my personal portal wasn’t on the map. So I had to go to the one outside the cave and retrace my steps. And then, going through an area already cleared out, I ran into a pair of very deadly liches.

Where they came from, I don’t know. One was shooting ice and the other had heavy-duty poison. It took a long time to get rid of both; just standing there would have killed me (came close anyway a few times).

After that, there was more combat, and finally I catch up, after lo! these many years (it seemed that way), to the Telkine. Only I’m too late. He’s freed the Titan, who runs off, while the Telkine stays behind.

This was a difficult fight at first. At least without a locked door, for a change. However, I had to go down a long ramp to reach the room, and of course he sees me before I see him. He summoned up magma demons from time to time, which meant a hasty retreat up the ramp.

The Telkine also caused earthquakes, and then threw rocks at me after they fell from the ceiling. That’s in addition to his happy little life leech spell that almost caught me a couple of times.

After much back and forth, I had him down to a little under half health. Then, at last, some good luck. He was at the bottom of the ramp, facing the wall. So I took some shots at him. He never turned around, so I just stood there and kept firing. Whew!

Of course, it wasn’t over. No, this was just the warm-up. Now, it was off through the portal and after Typhon.

This took me to Lower Olympus. It was one long stretch with occasional stairs up, and, naturally, opposition. This started with undead archers – they actually killed me, because I was careless – followed by a few demons, animated statues, Elder Minotaurs and Cyclops.

Aside from the undead, these were not too bad; I would draw one away, net it, and take it out. Except for the Cyclops, which I already knew couldn’t be ensnared, so that was just hit and run.

So I get to the top, and Typhon is waiting inside a large circular area. Good, no doors (I was really tired of doors locking behind me). So I tiptoed to the edge, the Big T appears, I let off a shot or two, then backed away from his bad breath (fire).

He wouldn’t leave the circle, which was good for me. I’d run up, shoot, and back off. Over and over again. I wasn’t stepping in there because I had no doubts it would be really, really nasty.

In the end, of course, I got him. He never touched me. How this would work for a melee fighter, I don’t know. Rather tough, I imagine. Because after Typhon was destroyed, I went around the circle, and there were four big statues representing some of the Greek gods.

They could be targeted, too. I suspect (well, I’m pretty sure) these things would have animated if I’d gone in there with Big T still breathing. So good thing I didn’t.

I finished at Level 30, with 1688 hit points (needed every one of them, too), 10,587 kills (seemed like it ought to have been more), and five deaths (embarrassing).

So that’s how it was, sports fans, and thanks for hanging in there with me. Review should be up Friday or Saturday. Now I think I’ll go soak my hand…miniscorp