For whatever reason, I decided to look at our links page (Places To Visit, over there in the left-hand column). To my horror, I saw that one link was missing.

How that happened, I don’t know. Checking the original file on my drive showed the link was there. But in some mysterious way, it vanished here. That being the case, I want to bring a particular site to your attention.

Stephane Racle runs the Computer Gaming World Museum. She has scans now of just about all the front, back, and contents pages of every issue of the magazine. For gamers who want to stroll down memory lane, or for those who want to see what the mag was like “back then”, visit Steph at The Computer Gaming World Museum.

I especially liked the oldest covers. They were real artwork, and I felt a little sad when the design changed to something…well, something else. Go ahead and give them a look. And check out the rest of her site, too. She’s done a lot of work here. Especially now that CGW is technically no more, this is a great tribute to what used to be.