So with TitanQuest done, it’s time to look for fresh meat. I am working on a basic character guide for TQ, but not a walkthru. That would mean doing the entire game over again, and I’m not ready for that ;)

Meanwhile, I did have the chance to check out The Witcher a bit. In some ways, it sounded a little like Daemonica, but only a little. This one appears to be on the grim side. Then again, there’s something grim about someone who collects dead bodies in his cellar so he can talk to the dead. However, The Witcher, from what I read, may be even darker than that. Also, it’s an “action RPG”, and I just finished one of those.

Of course, the game isn’t out yet. By the time it shows up, I may be ready for another. And there’s Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, which I still have to look into. Seems to me, just from the title, that games are a bit downbeat suddenly. Perhaps I should browse around for a good adventure game. One that isn’t grim, gritty, or has anything to do with the supernatural. Maybe Nancy Drew…?