It’s time to lighten up a little around here. So I sat down and spent about an hour or so fooling with game titles. Old ones, of course. (Old games, not THE Old Ones; we don’t want to see any of those any time soon ;).

It’s simple: just figure out the titles from the weird descriptions. They are all adventure or role-playing games (I wouldn’t cheat by throwing in a strategy game). One or two might be considered awful puns.

This is just for fun; no prizes. And remember: this took me an hour, so no fair getting all the answers in five minutes! ;)

  1. Area Of Tempus
  2. The Max After 3
  3. Jongleur’s Narrative
  4. Double Checker Goes Looking
  5. More Hairless Entry
  6. The Next Day’s Air
  7. Autumn Not In
  8. Could Be Occult
  9. The Watcher’s Orb
  10. Wizardry Ender

Answers posted later in the week, if necessary. I’m sure it won’t be, with so many veterans around here (low blow! low blow!). Ahem.