About a week ago, Coyote suggested that I look into an independent game called Aveyond. With TitanQuest finished, and nothing immediately on hand, I had time to check it out.

This isn’t my kind of game, and likely not yours, either. It’s a sort-of RPG, starring a little girl named Rhen. The graphics are cute but primitive (especially if you come to it from something like Oblivion or TQ), the interface is basic (no mouse; cursor keys and space/enter only), and the action is slow. However…

This one was designed not for typical gamers, but for what might be called the “young female” market, the way something like Doom 3 is aimed at young males. In particular, it appears to be for those who either don’t play games ordinarily, or who don’t like the games out there now.

So I bring it to your attention, in case you’re looking for a game for your daughter(s), who may not be interested in the usual role-playing games. Or, if you know of parents who are worried about excessive violence and mess in standard RPGs, there is something suitable (from their point of view) for girls here. This is definitely female-oriented and I suspect boys would be bored with it in short order.

There is a demo to download (circa 20 meg) so you can take a look first. It’s available here: The Aveyond Page. There is no documentation, except brief instructions on using the keyboard. Then again, the game is simple enough that a tome isn’t necessary.

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, go get it. Oh, and I should point out that this is a “save the world from the evil demon” plot. Wouldn’t want you to think it was all about picking flowers and making daisy chains. Especially since Rhen is kidnapped and sold into slavery early on. Things are tough all over these days, even in the nice worlds ;)