I caught an interesting item on Blue’s News earlier. There’s a ruckus going on in the online game Eve. Seems a lot of people just lost a lot of in-game money.

A player named Cally started an in-game bank. Many players deposited their “cash” into it to earn interest. Now Cally has closed the bank and kept what is a sum in the billions of game money.

Naturally, there is a lot of anger over that. While the money isn’t real, it still took time for the players to accumulate it. So far, it seems the company running Eve isn’t going to do anything about this, and it’s hard to see what they can do.

Apparently, Cally wasn’t in violation of Eve’s Terms of Service when he (or she) closed the bank and kept the “money”. Of course, this person isn’t likely to have many friends in the game, and who knows? some may try to seek some sort of revenge.

People are always taking about “reality” in games. Well, they sure got some reality here. To read the complete story: The Ars Technica Eve Article