Okay, here we go again. This time, however, I’m doing something a little different. Finding synonyms for titles was a bit easy. So…

Many games have subtitles. For instance, Wizardry was subtitled “Proving Grounds of The Mad Overlord”. What I’ve done is to anagram the subtitles from ten games. You unscramble them (and no, “Proving Grounds” isn’t one of them ;). Keep in mind that the game titles are not included; this is subtitles only.

All are from legitimate games, though one or two may be obscure. I will post the answers this Sunday. That should give you time to work them out.

  1. That king, he finds doom
  2. Ah, bite hint stew
  3. Who fear teak grave
  4. What teen fund error
  5. Avid rows or shave
  6. Find toe crust drool
  7. Venom at hand, heat fee
  8. Finesse short haft
  9. Berry it fail
  10. Strange you dis a find

Go to it, and good luck!

Oh yeah, in order for everyone to have a chance, please, no postings with answers here. Thanks!