Well, I’m still messing around here in the service station/cafe. This is one of those games where you have to proceed slowly and look at everything carefully. Several times.

That’s the thing, I always have this feeling I’ve missed something, and it’s been quite right most of the time. Been spending a fair amount of time going back over all the locations, and sure enough, here and there I’ve found something I didn’t see earlier.

Note-taking is also important. What to copy down is the question. I’ve been making notes on a lot of things so far. Some of that is probably just window dressing, but it isn’t always easy to tell what’s really crucial and what isn’t.

It’s also slow going because the movement isn’t 3D. So what with that, and carefully going over every area, I’m not sure at this point how far along in the game I am. To be sure, I have made some progress and solved several puzzles. They have been, so far, fair.

And yes, there is a creepiness to the game. Part of that comes naturally from the darkness of night, and the strange little rustling sounds outdoors. And, of course, we know that Something Is Out There, just waiting. Right now, I hope it waits a long time.