Yes, I’m still here at the service station/cafe. However, Things Have Been Happening. Here and elsewhere.

First, it does look like this is a no-conversation game. Ought to have realized that from the manual, which does not show an icon for “talking”. That went right by me somehow.

Anyway, I have made a couple of small excursions from the station. Found an abandoned jeep and an ominous note. Also poked around an old barn (took a fall through the floor, but apparently wasn’t hurt. We adventurers are made of stern stuff ;). Found and recalibrated a cell tower so I could use a cell phone conveniently lying around.

Remember that night manager who was whining and moaning in fear? Well, he ain’t doing that anymore. Something broke right through the back wall and now poor Ben is among the missing. At least it let me get into his office.

There’s also the night announcer at radio station BHR (Barrow Hill Radio). Well, there WAS a night announcer (Ms. Emma Harry, played by….Emma Harry). The call I made to the station came to an abrupt end and I suspect she did, too.

Given how much time I’ve been spending at this cafe place, and how much there is to be done here (even with some back and forth to other places), I suspect this is not going to be a long game. So I’m not pushing it (of course, all that double and triple-checking to ensure I haven’t missed anything helps to keep the pace moderate).

But this one definitely gives me the creeps. In some ways more than Scratches did, since various things are occurring during play…and I know something is out there. How much longer before it comes for yours truly, well…tune in tomorrow, and find out.