Okay, the game is done. As I suspected, it isn’t all that long. What takes time is the blundering around in the dark (and losing direction easily) and the constant rechecking of the areas. That’s in addition to solving puzzles, of course.

So I went farther afield than before, having finally found a way to the Barrow, among other places (I really wish there had been an in-game gamma adjustment). I wasn’t in any hurry to visit that place; who knows what might be there? Fortunately, nothing was waiting for me.

Gathered up the last items I needed. Checked my notes. Did this and that (can’t give away any game secrets here!). Got some more calls from Emma, too.

Guess what? She makes it through okay, after all, though we never did meet. Maybe that’s just as well. Anyway, it took two trips to the Barrow to get everything done. And yes, there is a final cutscene. Unlike Scratches, this game is pretty clear on the story, especially if you pay attention to all the materials scattered around.

The review should be up Friday or Saturday. I will probably do a walkthru, as well, and that should be posted early next week.