Since we’re getting closer to the release of Neverwinter Nights 2, I decided to poke around and see what the latest news was about the game. Unfortunately, it’s bad. Very bad.

From a thread on the Ironworks Forum, I picked up the following:

Funding: Fergus said that funding stopped totally on shipping to game for publication. There is a month between pressing and actual store sales. In that month Obsidian will first bug squish and IF there is time they will try to make a DM client. If the bug squish is too demanding, then the DM client will not see any work in that month. After that, no funding. Once sales start Obsidian will not see a dime of funding for nine or more months, from NWN2 sales. I was told these are the cold hard facts. Fergus said they did not understand the importance of the DM client for nearly two years and had not thought of producing it – BUT – now they do understand how important it is and wish to make one but time and resources are running out.

The key point is the lack of funding from Atari for follow-up work on NWN2. If it really is true that Obsidian will not get any money from game sales, there won’t be any patches or enhancements to game after the first patch, and even that seems iffy right now. We can hardly blame Obsidian for not working post-release if they’re not being paid.

It’s possible that the gaming community will step in and do their own patches for the game if none are forthcoming from Obsidian. How well that would work is unknown, although there are some very good programmers out there.

Still, this more than anything shows how little Atari cares for NWN2, the company producing it, and the gamers who are expected to buy it. Apparently, all they want is the big sales up front for the cashflow.

With that in mind, I’m not going to be in any big hurry to buy this game when it shows up. I’ll be keeping my eye on the boards around the ‘net for the “first returns” from the guinea pigs, and also on whether or not Atari will keep with the game or abandon it. Right now, I have the feeling that next month, I’ll be searching for something else to play.