Barrow Hill is a classic adventure, entirely object-oriented, and not all that easy. The darkness and near-darkness don’t help, either. But this walkthru should help you win the game.

The game is all about settings things right. The Sentry Stone from Barrow Hill has come to life and is roaming the area, tracking down and killing everyone he finds. To stop it, you must gather materials for seven offerings, find the three pieces of the seal, make the proper offerings to the stones at the barrow, repair the seal, and place it where it belongs.

Since you have this walkthru, you don’t really need to read all the stuff scattered through the game. But you might want to do that anyway, as it adds a lot to the playing experience.

The Gas Station

Okay, let’s start. from the breakdown site, walk down the road in the direction the headlights are facing. On the right, as you go along, you’ll pass a stone building. That’s St. Annetka’s Well, where you can’t do anything yet. So just keep going until you reach the gas station/motel.

Go forward one step and turn left to see the mailbox. Get a closeup and read the postcard inside. This tells you about the cell tower behind the station. After that, walk around to the car with the running engine, and get a closeup of the items scattered on the ground. Take the crayon from the bottom center of the screen.

Then move the cursor to the pile on the right side, and near the upper right edge, you’ll find a book on mushrooms. Take that, exit the closeup, and turn around. Some trash cans are there. Look into the nearest one and grab the box of matches (NOTE: at least one player found them in a different location, namely the toilets. If there are no matches in the bin, check there).

Enter the station, and knock on Ben’s door. He’s terrified – with good reason – and babbles about a lantern along with “something” out there. Check out the bulletin board and do the jigsaw puzzle if you like; that’s optional and is just for fun.

The Kitchen

Enter the dining area, step forward, turn around, and walk to the cash register. Get a closeup, and slowly run the cursor down from the cash drawer until you find the note. This has the code number for motel room #2. Write that down.

Turn left and go through the door into the kitchen. Sure is dark in here. Before you can fix the lights, you need light of your own. Turn right and see the lantern. Click the switch on top, then the lantern body. Now click the matchbox in your inventory. It comes up on the screen. Click that to get a match, strike it on the side of the box, and hold the lit match to the center of the lantern’s disk. Take the lantern.

Turn twice to face the wall. Now you can see the fuse box. Open that and get a closeup. Click the bottom switch to turn off power, then click the fourth cover from the left twice. Aha, a fuse is missing. There are no other fuses, but you can use the wire that’s sitting in the upper left corner. Click that until a piece of wire appears in the fuse holder. Close the holder, click the bottom switch to restore power and shut the fusebox. You now have light in the kitchen.

Turn right and go forward, then right and forward again, then left. An old radio is here. Turn it on and hear Emma Harry broadcasting from station BHR, which happens to be her trailer at the edge of the swamp. Turn the dial to 15 to bring her in. Unfortunately, static crops up just as she gives her phone number and you only get the first few digits.

You’ll have to find two more radios to hear the whole thing. That will come in time. For now, turn right and go forward to the cabinet. Open that and get the market basket. Close the cabinet then get a closeup below it for the egg cups. Grab those. You’re done here for now. Return to the dining area.

Go to the table with the upright menu. Click that to reveal salt and pepper shakers. Click the salt shaker, then the egg cups, then the cup on the shaker. The cup fills, after which you see a vision and hear a voice talking about “balance must be restored”. This happens every time you fill a cup with an offering. One down, six to go.

That’s all here, exit the building and return to the active car. Go to the rear (so you can see the license plate), get a closeup, then a closeup of the pile on the right. A bottle of hair tonic appears. With omega-3 oil, yet. We know that comes from fish, right? Well, fish is one of the offerings, so use your egg cup on the bottle (click top to open), and now you have two. Five to go.

Room #2

Mosey on over to room #2 and use the code to enter. This place is dark and there’s no way to make it brighter. Read the journal on the bed to learn about the protesters and other things, such as the location of BHR. Turn around and open the green case. Get the trowel, which is probably the single most-useful item in the game.

And there’s a radio here. Turn it on and tune in BHR to get some more of the phone number. While you’re listening, you’ll also hear a very frantic, if not hysterical, call from Ben to Emma.

While you’re poking around, read the letters. Then open the right-hand drawer and snatch the cell phone. Too bad it’s low on power. Lucky for you, the recharger is right there on the table next to the bed. Stick the phone there.

You should hear a car go racing by outside, honking its horn before it goes rushing off. Don’t worry about that now. Read the note by the charger about equipment stored in another room. That’s all for here so head on out and back to the station.

Go the the cash register and use your handy trowel to break open the drawer. Help yourself to some pound coins (monetary value, not weight!). Time to do a little prowling in the dark.

The Car

Exit the station and go around the side and past the playground equipment; it should be on your left. Go forward until the wrench appears, and click on your lantern. Then keep going forward (ignore the phone booth, it isn’t working) until you come to the overturned car. This is the one you heard go by just now (that Sentinel is fast, isn’t he?).

Note the license plate number: 4X68578. Get a closeup of the ground on the side. Various items to read and a very important PDA. Take that. On the right is a pile; inspect that and find Conrad Morse’s driver’s license.

In case you’ve been wondering, those piles where you’ve found the hair tonic, mushroom book, and license…well, that’s what’s left of someone when the Sentinel is done with him. Ick!

Now walk around and get a closeup of inside the car. A radio! Turn that on and dial in BHR. At last, you have the whole phone number. But we’re not done here yet.

The Barn

Face the rear of the car and turn left. Walk forward until you reach the barn. The door is locked, so you need another way in. Turn left and go forward. You’ll see a crate and a barrel. Click on the crate, turn right, and click on the barrel. The crate drops on top of it. Raise the cursor over the crate so it points up and click.

That gets you inside, and as soon as you move forward, you fall through the floor. Good thing you’re not hurt. Use your lantern. Move the cursor to the right and climb the ladder back up. On the table is a digital camera, just for show. Examine the near window and read the diary of one of the protesters. I don’t think any of them made it out alive.

Now check the far window. Get a closeup of the acorns and grab one. This goes into the basket, so it won’t show on your inventory bars. That’s it for here. Climb back down.

Face the door and turn left. Move the cursor down and get a closeup of a rubber hose. Grab that. Turn left again and put your cursor in the middle of the screen. Get a closeup of the box and take the nozzle.

Face the door. Put the hose on the tank and the nozzle on the hose. You now have a complete gas torch. Turn the tank handle. Light a match and hold it to the nozzle. The rest is automatic as the torch burns off the lock. Stroll back to the station.

Room #3

Turn on the PDA and read the notes. This gives you the code for room #3. Go there and find an important note under the pillow on the bed. This gives you the GPS numbers for something, namely one piece (there are three) of the broken seal. There’s a recorder in the right-hand drawer you should listen to, and a ripped note in the trash basket that you can put together.

Saving you some time, the lock combo is the result of multiplying 4 times 68578, which comes to 274312. Use that on the lock. Inside, you’ll find the soil sample report, which is a big clue to the proper offering for each stone. Since you have this walkthru, it isn’t that important, but read it anyway.

Return to room #2 and get the recharged cell phone. Unfortunately, there’s no signal. Now you have to go to the cell tower and repair it.

The Cell Tower

Go around the side of the playground and walk right through the equipment. Turn left. Put your cursor on the fence and click. Step forward and you should see a wall with a ventilator. Turn right. Go forward, turn left, then forward twice. Turn right and you see a chain fence. It’s locked, but right under the lock is a hole you can go through.

Walk forward and turn left. Here is the control box for the cell tower. Click on that. Note that it only works on frequencies from 830-865. Click on the upper right of the box to get to the switches. There are ten of them.

The ones in the left column add, and those in the right subtract. On the left side, starting from the top, the numbers are: +200, +5, +50, +300, +400. On the right, the numbers are: -50, -400, -200, -450, -5.

The starting frequency for me was 717. For that, you need +350 and -205. If your starting number is different, you’ll have to work out the answer on your own. Either way, once you have a good frequency, push the red button. Close the box and hike back to the station.

Now give Emma a call. Uh oh. That didn’t sound good at all. And worse is to come. Go inside the station and hear Ben get his. That Sentinel moves fast, all right. But now you have a way into the office.

The Office

Exit the station and go around back as you did towards the cell tower. Keep going past the window until you come to the big hole in the wall. Tough critter! Enter through the hole. Check out the desk. Open the drawer and get the batteries. Read the Fruity Goodness flyer (this is the stuff in the vending machine).

Open the other drawer, which is to the right in darkness, and take the blank paper. The lottery tickets are just for fun; you can’t call in (foo!). Examine the filing cabinet. Open the top drawer and click on the folders. You’ll see a note with the code number for room #1 (the equipment storage room).

Play with the video cam recorders. The interesting one is #4, which shows, somewhat blurrily, what happened to the people in the car with the running motor. Not nice. Possibly these were some of the protesters.

The Junkyard & Garage

Now go out the door next to the hole, which brings you to the junkyard. Go over to the slot machine and use a pound coin to play. Keep pulling the lever until you win a bunch of 50 pence coins.

Now stand with your back to the door, go forward one step and turn right. There’s an aisle between the junk. Go forward, turn right, and get a closeup down. YOu’ll see the lens for a car’s headight. Take that. Continue to the end of the aisle. There’s a ladder here. Click on that, turn left, place the ladder. Climb up to the top.

Turn left, go forward twice, turn right, and climb the second ladder to the top and a skylight. Open that and go into the garage. Enter the office. Get a closeup of the desk. Click on the oilcan. Click on the cups, then the can. Another offering in the bag (or cup). Four to go.

You’re done here, so exit the office, climb down, and go to the door by the car. Get a closeup, unbolt it, and leave. Return to the station and head to the vending machine by the side of the motel rooms. Using the the 50-pence coins, buy 2 blackberry, 1 gooseberry, and 1 pear drink.

Bop into the kitchen, open the top of the blender, and pour all the drinks into it. Use an egg cup on the blender. Three to go.

Radio Station BHR

Right about now is a good time to visit station BHR. Take the same path as you did for reaching Morse’s car. However, stop at the scarecrow and turn right. Go forward. Note the pile; alas, poor Wincey. Keep going forward until you reach the wooden walkway across the swamp.

Step onto it and turn right. Go forward until you reach the trailer. Enter that. Examine the metal detector box to see the finished product, then get a closeup of the bed. You have to put the thing together.

Except for the hoop, this wasn’t hard at all. The wire goes on the metal bar. The dumbbell thing goes on the right end of the bar, and the meter on that. The tiny piece goes on the left end, and the hoop (which is on the far right of the screen and hard to see) on that. I don’t know if there’s a trick to attaching the hoop, but it took me longer to do that than to figure out and attach everything else. Just keep at it and sooner or later the thing will be complete.

Now it needs power. Open the battery compartment and insert the batteries from Ben’s desk. Voila! A working metal detector. You’ll be needing it soon, but first, waltz over to the computer at the other end of the trailer.

You need a password to login. What could it be? Something really obvious, like, say, Wincey? Yup, type that in and you’ve got access. Read the personal blog first. Naughty Emma, indeed, stealing that seal piece. Then again, she kept Morse from finding and hiding it. So maybe that was a good deed after all.

Anyway, at least you know where it is, even if you can’t get to it right away. The rest of the stuff on the computer is just a fun take on Internet stuff, except for the science site. That’s there to help you “decode” some of the info on the soil report, in case you needed it.

The Ruins And Seal #1

You’re finished with BHR, so return to the walkway. Walk forward until you come to a path leading right. Go that way to the cross. Then go around and behind the cross. Get a closeup of the stone panel. Use that ever-handy trowel to open it. There are two sections. Read the book in the upper one, then get the metal artifact (actually, a handle) from the lower. Examine the other stuff. Then exit the closeup and go forward to the ruins.

Turn on the metal detector. It should be beeping and the dial moving. Get a closeup. Use the trowel (I said it was the most useful thing in the game) and uncover a seal piece. Also read the note with it.

Hoof it back to the station. YOu’ll get a call from Emma. Yep, she’s still alive, although somewhat terrified. Can’t blame her for that, with the Sentinel on her tail. Actually, she’s pretty good, seeing as how she’s still breathing.

St. Annetka’s Well

After that, start walking back to your car; it’s time to visit the well. If you have trouble finding it, go back to the car, turn around, head for the station, and watch on the right for a stone wall (you only see a part of it).

When you turn to the well, you see a dark hole. Turn right, go forward one, and turn left. This is the inscription stone. Turn on the lantern. Use a sheet of blank paper and the crayon to get a rubbing of the stone. This is a clue to the candles to light inside the well.

Go back to the hole, use the lantern, and enter. Go forward to the pool with the candles and turn right. There’s a wall with a hole in it. Go there and use the metal artifact. Turn right and look at the lower wall. You’ll find a box. Open that and examine the contents, which are clues. Note especially the drawings with the man and the stones. You’ll be doing that later.

Return to the pool. Get out the matches, and light the blue candle upper left, and the brown candle middle bottom. Now use an egg cup and get some water. Only two to go! Exit the well.


Head back to the station, watching on the left for two red reflectors, one near and one behind it a little ways. Turn left. Get a closeup of the berries and take one, which goes in the basket with the acorn.

Go back to the well, staying on the road, and stop one step before it. Then turn right. You should see what look like rungs in the hill. Go forward and up. Turn on the lantern and go forward twice. Turn right, and you should see some mushrooms with red caps. Take one, which also goes in the basket.

The Campsite

Face forward then turn left. Go forward and keep going until you see lights, electric lights, ahead. Watch on the left for some stones. There are four of them. At the first one, use a blank paper and the crayon to get a partial rubbing. This sheet will be in the upper inventory, not the lower (that had me worried briefly). At each of the other stones, take a rubbing with the same sheet. This is another big clue.

Keep going to the campsite. Go through the tent to the back. There is something that looks like a swing there. Turn on the metal detector and get a closeup of the dirt pile next to the swing on the left. Once more, use that trowel and dig up a whiskey flask.

Yes, it’s the next offering. Use an egg cup to get some of that (this is the barley offering). Now it’s back to the station to create the last one.

The Plant Mix And Seal #2

Head to the kitchen and get a closeup of the cutting board. Click your basket and the contents appear. Put all three items in the mortar, then click the pestle to grind them together. Finally, use an egg cup and you have the seventh offering. Whew!

But we still need that second seal piece. Go to room #1 and use the code to enter. Step forward then turn to face the door. To the left on the wall is the GPS. Take that and leave. Turn it on, and, to save time, just head over to the fire extinguisher. Get a closeup, then click the tank to move it up and reveal the second piece.

Emma still has the third, and there’s nothing you can do about that. So, now it’s time to visit Barrow Hill itself and make the offerings.

Barrow Hill: The Offerings

Go to the end of the station, where you see a white fence on your right. Turn left (there should be a lamp post on your left). Go forward. Turn on your lantern. Turn left, go forward, and turn right. Keep going forward. This takes you to the camp. Keep going past it and you’ll reach the circle of stones.

Save the game here. If you make a mistake, you won’t die. But the offering will disappear, and you’ll have to get another one.

The stones are arranged in a semi-circle. The easiest way to do this is to start on the left and work around clockwise. The order of the offerings is: fish, oil, plant mix, barley (whiskey), water, juice, salt.

After each offering is made, a strange rainbow light will emanate from the stone. If it turns red and lightning strikes, you made a mistake. Restore and try again.

So the stones are all lit up and look pretty. But there’s no razzle-dazzle, no special effects. How come? Well, the seal isn’t fixed yet.

The Final Piece And Repair

Start back to the station. Emma calls one last time. She’s still on the run, but somehow she’s been watching you, too. She figures she can trust you, so she’s leaving the last piece. Go forward after the call and you’ll see it on the ground. Grab that and read the note. Now, the seal has to be repaired.

Keep going to the campsite. Turn right. There should be a path there. If not, turn left, go forward, and turn right. Go along this path until you come to the altar stone. Note that there are three stones altogether. One has a hole in it, and the other a handprint. This should look very familiar.

First, put the pieces in the circle on the altar. Now go to the stone with the hole and put the headlight lens in it. Finally, click on the stone with the handprint. Voila! The seal is whole again.

Now, make one more trip to the barrow. This time, go over to the trench. Get a closeup, and once more, use your wonderful trowel. You fall through to the seal chamber. There are alcoves all around with the offerings. Ignore them. Put the seal in the center of the flat stone. TA-DA! The world has been saved! The game is over. And even Emma made it through (even if poor Wincey didn’t).