Despite the imminent release of Neverwinter Nights 2, amazingly the original game is going strong. Or at least some aspects of it, much to my surprise, and that of most others.

Bioware, which had previously announced there would be no new premium modules, has just released Wyvern Crown Of Cormyr. This is mostly the work of a community design group called DLA (DragonLance Adventures).

In answering questions about this after the earlier “no more” announcement, Designer Georg Zoeller wrote, in part:

As for WCoC, it was the most complete of the premium modules at the time the decision to cancel the program was handed down to us, in fact it was very close to release.

Atari and other parties were very impressed with the amount content and quality of work that had been done and how close to completion it was, so they changed their mind and decided to make an exception for this module.

Rather a stunner on Atari’s part; I don’t know how much, if anything, they’ll get from sales of WCoC. Nonetheless, the NWN community is rather delirious over the game at the moment.

Further, I’ve seen mention on the boards of a 1.69 patch, although Bioware has not committed itself to a release date. This after, supposedly, 1.68 was the “last one”. Given that Bioware is working on a new game of their own, Dragon Age, it’s mind-boggling the effort they still put into Neverwinter Nights

Personally, I believe that Bioware’s strong involvement with NWN all these years has been a major factor in keeping the game going. Even with major community activity, I doubt the game would have lasted this long on that alone. I wonder if Obsidian will be showing the same involvement….or if Atari will last long enough for that to happen.