It’s that time again: prowling for something new to play. I’ve poked around the net, but the outlook is a bit bleak right now.

Actually, the summer surprised me. That is typically the driest time of year, especially for PC products. Yet there were five games to play, which is amazing. Unfortunately, that seems to be it for the moment.

Of course, there are games ahead when the usual mad Xmas rush begins. There’s still a month to go for Neverwinter 2, but we all know I’m waiting awhile on that one. Somewhere along the line, Dark Messiah and The Witcher should appear.

Broken Sword 4 will be out soon in Europe, but not here. Apparently they haven’t found anyone yet in the U.S. to publish the game.

Those are the possibles I know about, but they’re all in the future. Any ideas on something reasonably current in the adventure/crpg area?