Agatha Christie is one of my favorite mystery writers, and Murder On The Orient Express is my favorite of her books. Now The Adventure Company will be releasing on November 14th an adventure game based on MOTOE, and I am wondering whether or not to get it.

I’m very familiar with this one, re-reading it every now and then (especially good during a heavy snowfall). I also have Lumet’s movie starring Albert Finney (excellent in the Poirot role; sorry Suchet fans – but take heart, Suchet will be doing the game’s Poirot voiceover).

So when I see from an interview (link below) that there will be some changes, plus a “new ending”, I’m worried. Naturally, one expects some changes to be made; for instance, you (or your character) will be on the train, as will Poirot. That’s fine. Some different clues would be okay, too.

But there is mention of “new characters”, as well. This indicates a change in the basic plot, since all the originals in the book were integral to the story and solution.

Of course, Christie herself did some revamping of her novels when she adapted them as plays. The ending of Appoinment With Death the play is different from the original one in the novel, for instance. But that’s the author messing with her own stuff. Now we have a “third party” doing the same thing.

I like the book just as it is, and being something of a purist, I have my doubts about how well I would like the game. There is another matter, too. Given my outlook, would I be able to do a fair review if I played it? I don’t know if I’d be able to judge the game on its merits alone – however good it may be – since we’re dealing here with my favorite of the Christie collection (it ain’t broke, don’t touch it!).

So I may pass this one up. That might be the better way all around.miniscorp

The MOTOE Interview