Last time, we looked at how, and if, the game industry could get more women playing games. While it’s a male-dominated area, women have been active in it for some time. This is the other side of the coin.

NextGen recently published its list of “Top 100 Women in Gaming” (no, I’m not on it ;). I think it amazed me that they could come up with that many. Of course, that’s a relative handful in comparison, but still noteworthy. You can see the list here:

Top 100 Women In Gaming

One of the interesting things to note is while many women hold PR or managerial postions, very few are or were involved in actual game design or programming. That area is still very much a masculine province.

Quite a few women on that list have been in the industry for some time. Yet, given the roles they have, with few exceptions, they seem to not have had much influence on the products themselves. Still, it’s a good sign nonetheless that so many hold responsible positions in various companies.

At the same time, women gamers are getting into the online competitions, where teams play against each other in such shootouts as Unreal or Quake. Naturally, they form a very small minority, but they are quite as dedicated as their male counterparts.

Reuters just published an article about this:

Reuters Article About Women Competitive Gamers

The 20% they claim for hard-core gaming was something of a suprise to me; I’d have said no more than 10-15% myself. In any case, you should also check out these:

The PMS Clan FAQ Although personally I’d have felt happier if they hadn’t said “PMS”.

The Girlz of Destruction Be sure to read the bios, which are quite fascinating (but why did they have to put a “z” there?).

Les Seules U.S. Gaming Tour

So yes, women are certainly active, one way or another in the game scene. The question is, will this activity bring in the women who aren’t gaming? Note how young the members of the teams are. Does this mean that gaming is more attractive to younger women? What about the over-30 crowd? Is any of this likely to spark their interest?

After all, the teams mentioned above are in those head-to-head frag-’em games. And we’ve already noted that this sort of thing is a turn-off for many women. What do you think?miniscorp