Somewhere, recently – either in a comment here or someplace online, I don’t recall which – I saw mention of games being too long, that people don’t have the time for lengthy adventures.

Is that really so? Are at least some games too long. And what is “too long”, anyway?

Many of the early CRPGs, for instance, Wizardry, Ultima and most especially Might & Magic, all took quite awhile to finish.

Adventure games also required dedication, though a lot weren’t as long as they seemed. Working out puzzle solutions is what ate up most of the time. Once you knew all the answers, you could replay a typical adventure in a day or so.

Then there are the in-between games like Oblivion. Following just the main line, you can complete it in a fairly short time. It’s doing the side and guild quests that makes it longer.

Which brings us to the real question: do games seem too long because they’re repetitive? Because much of what you do seems like padding out the product? Because there isn’t enough variety? Or because the story is uninteresting? Are those the reasons games are “too long”?

And if the games were shorter, would we be any more satisfied? Or would gamers complain they didn’t get their money’s worth because the game was over too soon?

Finally, does it matter how long you take to play a game? If someone finishes Game X in three weeks, and you need three months, does it matter, so long as you’re enjoying it? Or, as noted above, does “too long” mean you’re not having fun?miniscorp