Well, things have taken a big turn for the worse here, though not immediately. Apparently the big fight with those mortar Dwarfs was a special encounter. They weren’t around when I reloaded. A few others were there, but only 3 or 4 total. So we killed them and went back to town, unloaded stuff, and returned.

We made it to the king, who was possessed. He was carrying a hammer bigger than he was, and he had friends. Managed to get most of them out of the way, but that hammer was a killer, literally. I ended up dead twice, and my Dwarf pal died, too.

Finally got the king and went back to Silverholt through a convenient mine opening. My Dwarf pal was resurrected on entering. Then came the big attack, and I mean BIG.

Hordes of robots were pouring into the place. I was supposed to protect the head of the Waterworks so he could make repairs. Just getting there was near impossible because of all the enemies.

The whole thing was incredibly chaotic. Of course there were plenty of Dwarven fighters, but those robots just kept coming. I died once and came close another time. Started getting low on healing potions, and I didn’t have that many to begin with. Finally there was enough of a break and I could get to the waterworks.

I seemed to be there alone. But I didn’t have much time to notice because I was killed twice, very quickly. That’s where I’ve left it. I’ve had enough of this for today. I’ll go back tomorrow and see what happens. Right now, I’m thinking this one may not be finished. We shall see.