Well folks, I think I’m gonna pack this one in. Mage Knight has just gotten too ridiculous for words (well, there are some words that come to mind, but they aren’t printable).

I restored to just before the invasion so I could orient myself. The cut scene moves you from the main gate into the action, so I needed to get things straight in my mind.

This time I made it to the Waterworks. Alone. And died several times. Each time I’d revive and go back to kill a few more robots before dying. Finally, I got them all.

THEN they send me to the forge, and sure enough, that place is overrun, as well. The same thing started happening: kill a couple, die, go back, etc.

It’s one thing to die in a game; it happened to me a few times in Titan Quest, but not like this. There are just too many opponents. And with fights going on all over the place, there’s nowhere you can back up.

So you end up dying and reviving and dying and reviving until you’re successful. This isn’t RPG, or even action/RPG. It’s like an arcade game where the odds are heavily stacked against you.

There is nothing in the manual about penalties for dying. There may be some, but right now, I don’t really care. This game looks to be set up for multiplayer, and a full party at that. I can’t see any other way you could get through this invasion without dying many times.

So I’m putting Mage Knight on the shelf. Maybe if I turn up some cheat codes, I’ll come back to it. Maybe not even then. This really bites. The game wasn’t cheap, and I was looking forward to something new to play, even as an action/RPG. But it sure ain’t this one. Sigh.