I caught mention earlier that Valve is offering pre-orders for Dark Messiah Of Might and Magic. With the release imminent, I decided to poke around the ‘net for some more info on the game.

After reading a preview on Gamespot, I’ve decided to skip this one. The emphasis is really on action, and too much for my taste. The combat is not just point and shoot; you have to do maneuvers with your weapons.

That’s more in the console style of play. Oblivion had something like this, and I hated it. Now Dark Messiah has it, too. Ick.

Further, there is running and jumping, other activities I prefer to avoid. Fast and furious is one thing; too much is another. It sounds, at least from the preview, that this game is going to be heavy in that department.

So, unfortunately, I think I’ll be skipping this one. Sigh.

You can read the preview here:

Dark Messiah Preview