Just when we’ve been talking about the fun of old games, Reuters brings out a story on how some of those classics are making a comeback. Of course, these aren’t quite the ones we’ve been discussing.

The oldies that are suddenly popular are mainly the arcade games, such as the venerable Pac-Man, and even Doom, showing up on Xbox. In addition, a number are being revamped for mobile devices.

What all these games have in common is simplicity. There are no complicated controls or fancy moves to make. Any of them can be learned in a couple of minutes or less. Becoming good at them, however, can take awhile.

As the article points out, not all of those old games are winners (as we already know, having been there and done that). But a number of them did have that “certain something” that kept players coming back to them.

It’s interesting that these “resurrections” have an appeal not only to (ahem) “older gamers” who played them in the day, but younger ones as well. I suspect they come as something of a relief from the fancy, and sometimes over-complicated, products of today.

On my old 486, I had a game package that was mostly simple arcade stuff, and the one I liked most was “Air Hockey”, which was just a version, really, of Pong. You can’t get any simpler than that, and I had a lot of fun with it.

Sometimes, simpler is better. You can read the article here:

Old Games Come Back