You may have seen in the comments for Mage Knight – Enough Is Enough a post from Chris Namco (possibly one of the designers?). He mentioned a patch that, among other things, was supposed to make the game a little easier for the single player.

So I spent some time over the weekend downloading the patch (a generous 35meg or so). There were no patch notes to go with it, something I regard as a bad sign. The one thing I did know was that it fixed the backpack so there is now auto-stacking for items you pick up.

I installed the patch and reloaded the save just before the invasion. As before, I ran around a little to re-familiarize myself with the layout. Then I triggered the invasion.

Well, there was no difference that I could see there from before. Seemed to be the same number of robots in the room, with at least one special (this thing has a name).

Same old dreary round of fight a little, die, come back, fight a little, etc. Can’t back out because, as before, the place is overrun. So I’d just end up with more fights.

Couldn’t drink healing potions fast enough to stay alive. The weird camera stuff and the screwed graphics didn’t help.

By the way, I checked the official forums and no one else appears to have this problem with the smears. Plenty of messages about crashes and lockups, none of which occurred during my times in the game, but no complaints about visual diffculties like mine.

Anyway, I’m packing it in for real now. I was willing to give this a second chance, but it hasn’t changed measurably with the patch. I can foresee the die/revive business continuing on into the forge room and beyond.

Yeah, I could probably set the difficulty to easy, but why should I have to? The game ought to be properly-balanced at the normal setting.

So that’s it, folks. I gave it another try, but it’s just not worth my time.