I looked in on the Just Adventure forum last night, and found a lively discussion going on about this topic.

It’s Randy’s contention – and has been for some time – that adventure games get short shrift from game magazines and major websites. They are treated as second-class, maybe even third-class, products.

The debate wandered also into the matter of graphics, and that most adventures are not as “showy” as other genres. The key point, however, is that Randy believes most reviewers shouldn’t be covering adventure games because their interests lie elsewhere.

If that is true, then certainly adventure games are being done both a great disservice and a great injustice. It would be ridiculous to ask someone who favors, say, strategy games or shooters to review a Scratches.

That would be like me doing a review of Civilization 4. I don’t like strategy games, and there’s no way I could give a fair assessment of the product. It’s of the utmost importance that a reviewer both likes the genre and has some experience in it.

In the matter of graphics, they have never been much of a concern to me. I simply expect reasonably decent visuals as a matter of course. If the graphics are unusually good or bad, I’ll point that out. As a rule, though, I cover that aspect rather briefly most of the time. Gameplay is a far more important factor.

As to how accurate Randy is about the typically poor adventure reviews, I can’t really say. I don’t read any print mags, and I normally don’t look for reviews on other websites, especially not if I plan to do the game myself.

Take a look at the discussion on Just Adventure, and tell me what you think.

Adventure Review Discussion On Just Adventure