Just when you’ve figured you’ve seen it all, just when you though the online game world couldn’t get any stranger, something comes along to show anything is possible on the ‘net.

What is it? Virtual dancing. That’s right, dancing. Obviously, this is not aimed at those who play World of Warcraft or Unreal. Presumably the market is the “casual gamer” or something like that.

I can’t imagine how the controls would work. A picture comes to mind of people frantically dancing (heh) their fingers all over the keyboard. Or maybe one hand buzzing around the keys and the other on the mouse.

In any case, this does seem to be for real, with the launch planned for sometime early next year. The Dance game will be free to play; no subscription needed. Funding will come from in-game advertising. It’s also expected that players will spend real cash to “spiff up” their alter egos for competitions, or maybe just to “look cool”.

Yeah, I know, sounds crazy. But then you think about something like Entropia, where people are spending real money on all sorts of virtual items, or the auctions on Ebay for MP gear and characters. This could be viable.

In case you want to read some more, click the link below.

Dance Game Link