Over at rpgwatch.com, I caught an interview with Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software. As some know, Jeff is an independent designer of role-playing games, and one of the few who are successful with indie products.

The interview focused on the upcoming Geneforge 4. I played the first two in the series, but never did get to the third one. Of the pair, I liked the first one better. In fact, though it’s been some time, I can recall more of GF 1 than GF 2.

Which is not to say GF 2 was bad. I simply felt the story in that game wasn’t quite up to the first one. Both were good games overall.

GF4 sounds intriguing. For one thing, you start on the other (rebel) side, rather than as one of the Shapers. That should be an interesting change of pace. Good story (as we all know) is a rarity, and Jeff likes to get story in his products.

Jeff also likes the Mac, and minimum specs. The Mac has been something of an orphan in the game world, and while I don’t have one myself, it’s nice to see some support for it.

Further, it’s good to see a game come out that doesn’t require a super-powered rig to run. Of course, we know that a lot of computing power is devoted more to graphics than anything else. The Spiderweb games aren’t cutting edge in that area, but they aren’t shabby, either.

(The Exile series had very retro graphics, but those were redone in the Avernum series, in case you were wondering).

So I’m looking forward to the Windows version of GF 4, which is supposed to be out sometimes early next year. And a good thing, too, as there doesn’t seem to be much coming out in the near future that I’d want to play.

RPGWatch Interview With Jeff Vogel