Well, last night was the second session of Bruce’s module. Or part of a session.

I got online about a quarter to ten. This time, there were no problems with Gamespy, since I now had an account. However, I couldn’t connect to Bruce’s server.

But it was early yet, and maybe he hadn’t brought it up. So I kept trying, and trying, and trying.

By now it was after ten, and I was worried. I was alt-tabbing between the join screen and my browser, alternately checking the game page on NWN connections and my mailbox. Finally I sent a email to everyone that I couldn’t get on, just in case it was a problem at my end.

Then a message showed up on the mini-message board on Connections from another player who couldn’t get in, and Klara replied to my email that she had the same problem. This didn’t look good.

Time was passing as we posted messages on the mini-board, wondering what was going on. Then, about a half hour or so past the start time, Bruce replied to my email with a new IP number.

It turns out that he has a dynamic IP address, but it hadn’t changed in two years. Last night it changed. Of course.

I tried it, it worked, and I posted on the board for the others. One by one, the other three players showed up.

There was a little delay while Klara leveled her character, but we did get to chat with an NPC who gave us a bit of information. Then we went off to question Lady Rastin. As we trooped along the streets, we came across Klara’s character and she joined us.

Then problems started. Klara mentioned bad lag at her end, and I noticed some slowness on mine, too. One of the players dropped shortly afterward. Then I dropped.

When I got back in, Klara was the only one there. Even the DM had gotten bounced (and we thought DMs were all-powerful ;).

When Bruce got back on, he announced he was going to reset the server to see if that would help. It didn’t.

We all got booted, and then couldn’t re-connect. He sent out the same IP that had worked before, but it wasn’t working.

That pretty much killed the session. So now we can only hope that things will be straightened out by next Wednesday. At least I didn’t have to spend seven hours getting a patch. Sigh.

By the way, Dell, I put that line you gave me in the .ini file, but on checking this morning I see the log is blank. Any ideas about that?