Over on Gamasutra, they have an interesting article on second-hand games. They polled some industry people for their take on the buying and selling of used games.

Some respondents said they bought used games if possible. Others replied that they bought new ones to support the industry. A fair number didn’t think used games were a problem, although a certain chain came in for a few brickbats over the buying and selling of used product.

I’ve never bought a used game myself. When I was writing for the mag, I sometimes received free games for review, although not so many as some might think (companies weren’t always swift in getting product out within deadline limits).

On the other hand, I’ve loaned out a game a few times. Usually, these were adventures I finished and sent on to a friend to play. That’s maybe four times in a lot of years.

Personally, I don’t believe the used game market is a big deal. Most products don’t seem to last too long on the shelves these days. My impression is that companies build up hype and go for the big push at release.

of course, some games seem to be forever. Neverwinter Nights, for example, has been repackaged several times with good results. So have a few other game series. In the main, though, it seems to be “out the door and on to the next project”.

Also, there is a second-hand market for just about anything you can think of, so why should it be different with games? Remember we’re talking the originals here, not pirated copies or anything like that.

Read the article over at Gamasutra and tell me what you think (it’s fairly long, but stick with it)

Buy Games New Or Used?