I am about as apolitical as anyone can be. I have always loathed politics in any form. Unfortunately, politics can’t always be ignored. These days, as many know, gaming is a hot topic not only in the press, but in government circles as well.

There is a new, non-profit organization just formed, called “The Electronic Consumer Association”, an advocacy group for gamers.

I looked over the site, and it’s pretty sparse right now. Perhaps not surprising, since it’s just started up. The registration page, however, is working ;)

We could certainly use a dedicated organization these days. I will be keeping an eye on this site from time to time to see how the ECA works out. In the meantime, you can click the links below to read an interview on Firing Squad with Hal Halpin, who started the ECA, and also to visit the site.

Interview With Hal Halpin

The Electronic Consumer Association