So last night we had our third session of NWN online. Finally, it went smoothly. Well, almost smoothly, since I dropped partway through and had a hard time getting back on. Other than that, however, it did go very well and we had our first full session. Very little lag, too. Because of the drop, I lost much of the log. For those who are interested, I reproduce what I did get below.

To recap, we are trying to track down Tarnn, an agent of the enemy. We suspected that he was somehow operating through one or more of the nobles. We didn’t have many leads; just one, Lady Rastin, whom we’d been trying to see the past two sessions.

Last night, we started on our way to her and ran into Shane Weston, an NPC on our side (and run by the DM, of course). He wanted our help. He had a merchant coming whom he thought had info on Tarnn, and expected us to chase the guy off afterward (and this with a paladin in the group ;). He had told the man he had wool to sell, but he really didn’t.

We managed to get a little out of the merchant, thanks mainly to the quick thinking and great role-play by Moira (GelleKlara). We also managed to get rid of the merchant, by saying we wouldn’t deal with someone who bad-mouthed another one (he had warned us not to deal with Tarnn, which gave us a great opening).

Then, at last, we got see Lady Rastin, but she wasn’t much help: she didn’t really know anything to help us. We got one name from her – Mord – and that was all. However, she did promise to ask around and see what she could find out.

We went back to Shane and learned from him that Mord was defunct. He was actually a vampire who had been killed “off-stage” during the fighting at the front (which is still going on). Shane did mention Joshua (another of the NPCs working with Samuel) as a source of information.

Then he wanted our help again. This time, he had a noblewoman coming, supposedly to buy “fruit” (jewelry). Of course, he didn’t have any of that, either. We were all pretty peeved at Shane for doing this again. But we were stuck, because she showed up soon after. It was during our conversation with her that I lost connection. I did get back to see the end of it, and that’s where the log begins.

Telia” is the noblewoman NPC. Moira Renner is the rogue, John Blancfort the paladin, Denyer Freeman the fighter, and yours truly is Taralyn the bard. Uncle Darian is another NPC working for Samuel. “OOC” means “out of character”, remarks made by the player rather than the PC he or she is running.

And now that things seem to have settled down, drops aside, I’m enjoying this, and looking forward to the next session.

Taralyn: ARRGHHH
Moira Renner: We were told he was going to send an intermediary.
Telia: OOC sorry, just making sure Scorpia was back :P
Taralyn: ooc had real trouble getting back in
Moira Renner: Perhaps that's you?
Taralyn: ooc finally made it sorry all
Telia: what?
Moira Renner: (ooc: yikes welcome back))
Telia: Me?
Moira Renner: Someone to buy the fruit for him... you have seen him?
Telia: yes, of course
Moira Renner: What does he look like?
Telia: He's the talk of the town... amongst the nobles... but what attractive man of such obvious import wouldn't be?
Moira Renner: Of course. If only I was a noble!
Telia: why if I were a few years younger... my husband would never find out
Moira Renner: *sighs*
Telia: *looks at Moira* What does he look like?
Telia: You mean you DON'T EVEN KNOW!
Telia: *grows concerned*
Moira Renner: *nods as if eager to hear of a handsome man* Of course not. Why would he allow such as me to see him?
Denyer Freeman: Bah, he sends messages. Otherwise we would have known he was a Seradezian.
Moira Renner: I've only spoken to intermediaries.
Telia: But... but.. you were saying he was a buyer!!!
Denyer Freeman: *mutter*
John Blancfort: *solemnly* I promise, by Soladon and my Lord King Wolfru, that I will give you the most beautiful jewel that I find in my travels if you tell us about this Tarnn
Dungeon Master: Okay, Moira must make a bluff check DC 13 to keep Telia from running off because she's too suspicious
Denyer Freeman: *raises eyebrows*
Taralyn: *eyebrows raise at John* (hmmm)
Dungeon Master: If that passes, then John can make a persuasion check on that last statement, but the DC will be 20
Dungeon Master: bluff is 3
Moira Renner: ((gah! Crud))
Telia: What!?
Taralyn: *hopes John has lots of persuasion*
Telia: This story gets worse and worse! Good day!
John Blancfort: ((it wans't working anyway lol))
Moira Renner: Well at least now we know he's in the castle
Shane Weston: Well, I think that went pretty well...
Taralyn: What did I miss while I was "out"?
Shane Weston: *wipes sweat from brow*
Taralyn: ooc (and there goes my log again)
Shane Weston: or not
John Blancfort: *steps away angry*
Denyer Freeman: *sigh* Yes. Yet somehow, we bumbled through.
Moira Renner: Tarnn is Seradezian and I bet he's really Bloodspeth
John Blancfort: meh
Moira Renner: He never comes out of the castle.
Denyer Freeman: Let's not jump to conclusions.
Taralyn: Who never does? Tarnn?
John Blancfort: then we should attack the castle!
Moira Renner: *shrugs* Maybe not but it IS a huge coincidence. Yes, Tarnn
Shane Weston: Well, she didn't exactly say that...
Moira Renner: ATtack the castle!!!
Denyer Freeman: We know he's Seradezian, he's a handsome, charming man, popular among the nobles, and in the castle.
Shane Weston: *grins* yeah, let's kill King Wolfrud to save the city!
John Blancfort: *he's pretty disturbed*
Moira Renner: ((I thought she said he never comes out... oops))
Taralyn: Maybe he only comes out at night?
Moira Renner: *grins* Ah-ha!
Shane Weston: You could be right, Moira... she said he wouldn't be know "outside the castle" - that could mean he doesn't come out
Shane Weston: Or he might have meant outside "the people of the castle"
Shane Weston: The nobles who are in the court there
Taralyn: So do all the nobles live in the castle?
Moira Renner: Ahhhh... well it could mean other folks just don't know him.
Denyer Freeman: If only there was some way in there...
Shane Weston: I appreciate your help... all of you... I think we make a good team
Taralyn: But he's getting on well with the nobles and that's bad
Moira Renner: Yes... influencing them
Denyer Freeman: ... even if we looked like... servants, or something.
Taralyn: Shane do you know any secret ways into the castle?
Shane Weston: Well, now that I know he's with the nobles and in the castle... I'll just see what I can come up with for my next "connection"
John Blancfort: we must help my the king *less angry*
Taralyn: Shane..NO more merchandise okay?
Shane Weston: secret ways into the castle *laughs*
Moira Renner: *grins*
Shane Weston: Okay, I promise... no more merchandise
Moira Renner: John, we have to be careful if we want to help the king.
Taralyn: No secret way in, I take it?
Moira Renner: No attacking the castle!
Shane Weston: Think about it... if there were... don't you think the king would be assassinated by now?
John Blancfort: *nods* forgive me, it was a just a bad moment
Taralyn: Not even through the usual sewers?
Moira Renner: The king must have an escape route in case he needs to get out
Shane Weston: I swear Taralyn... you've read too many books
John Blancfort: perhaps...
Taralyn: No, I've been in too many ewers!
Shane Weston: things like this don't happen in real life
Taralyn: Err, sewers
John Blancfort: a special commision could make it into the castle
Moira Renner: *sniffs inconspicuously at Taralyn*
Shane Weston: too much information! *grins at Taralyn*
Moira Renner: Hmmm....
Taralyn: I've bathed since then Shane *grins*
John Blancfort: carrying gifts for the king or for one of the nobles...
Shane Weston: Great ideas all...
Moira Renner: Fruit maybe?
Denyer Freeman: Maybe if we were part of someone's servants. Or even if we could talk to a servant.
John Blancfort: real gifts *looks at Shane*
Moira Renner: *chuckles*
Shane Weston: *punches Moira on the arm while smiling*
Denyer Freeman: A servant would know things, and might be more inclined to gossip.
Shane Weston: Listen come back later... I'll see what I can do
Taralyn: Do they ever need repairs in that castle?
Denyer Freeman: *nods at Shane*
Shane Weston: I'll try to find a servant or something
Shane Weston: someone form the castle (gets excited) that it!
Shane Weston: I'll see what I can do
Moira Renner: No merchandise!
John Blancfort: whatever it be it'll help
Moira Renner: Unless you actually have some.
Taralyn: All right Shane, just remember no selling!
Shane Weston: And no merchandise! *whispers* I'll come up with another lie
Taralyn: How about something that isn't a lie?
Shane Weston: Like what?
Taralyn: That would be easier on all of us
John Blancfort: good shane, you are understanding... *believing him*
Shane Weston: Okay... NO LYING!
Taralyn: Shane we can't do all the work for you
Shane Weston: *crosses fingers behind his back*
Moira Renner: Hmmm could you be the illegitimate child of one of the nobles.... oh... well shoot.
Denyer Freeman: The old favourite was 'here's some money, now tell us things'.
Moira Renner: Well, I guess bribing works too.
Taralyn: Yes and it's usually easier
Shane Weston: *empties pockets* I'm not exactly rich
John Blancfort: a bribe?
John Blancfort: *surprised* meh
Shane Weston: You see! John doesn't even want a bribe *whispers* good because I got no money
Moira Renner: *searches her own pockets* I have... er... a little gold.
Moira Renner: *looks pained to give it up though*
Shane Weston: *waves it off* I'll come up with something... I always do
John Blancfort: *pats Shane* yes, friend, now we are understanding each other
Taralyn: I don't have much but servants should come cheap (I hope)
Shane Weston: Don't worry. Have I steered you wrong yet?
Moira Renner: *goggles at Shane*
Denyer Freeman: *silent*
Moira Renner: I need my hip boots around you!
Shane Weston: Hey! I got the connections that go you all the info you know so far about Tarnn!
Shane Weston: Give me a break!
Moira Renner: *grins*
John Blancfort: *nod* alright Shane
Shane Weston: I'm improvising!
Taralyn: Back? Neck? *grins*
Denyer Freeman: It's true.
Moira Renner: I think we should talk to Joshua.
Denyer Freeman: Shall we take a stroll? Perhaps see the castle. See what we're up against. Check in at Samuel's.
Shane Weston: *eyes* Denyer... Yeah! What he said!
Taralyn: Yes, I think Samuel's should be the next stop
John Blancfort: agreed
Shane Weston: Come back later... This might take me a while though.
Moira Renner: *punches Shane in the arm* Be good!
Denyer Freeman: Be good.
Taralyn: Take your time Shane we need to do this right
Shane Weston: why start now?
Denyer Freeman: Heh.
Moira Renner: *grins*
Shane Weston: thanks Moira
John Blancfort: laters Shane
Taralyn: Anon, Shane
Moira Renner: *waves as she runs off*
Taralyn: Where are we going?
Moira Renner: I'm just following the boys
Anvid Guard: May I help you?
Denyer Freeman: *looks at all the guards, nods to himself, then wanders back down*
John Blancfort: oh we were admiring the castle of our King, sir
Anvid Guard: Very good
Moira Renner: It's beeeyoootiffle!
Anvid Guard: I don't blame you
John Blancfort: *nods*
Anvid Guard: *nods to Moira* my lady
Anvid Guard: Mercs I see
Anvid Guard: I wish I could take your place on the front
Moira Renner: You have a very important job, though
Taralyn: Your job is important too
Anvid Guard: *nods* thank you
John Blancfort: *frowns* Mercs?*cursese in silent*
Moira Renner: *nods*
Taralyn: It must take an amazing staff to keep this place in order
Anvid Guard: aye
Anvid Guard: Mostly involves standing here
Taralyn: How many servants are there here?
Anvid Guard: I don't know... probably 50 or so
Taralyn: A small army in itself
Denyer Freeman: *nods*
Anvid Guard: *eyes all four* You're all Mercs aren't you?
Moira Renner: Does it show???
Taralyn: Yes, we are
Denyer Freeman: We've... had our share of action at the Front.
Moira Renner: I was hoping to be taken for a Lady... oh well.
Anvid Guard: Aye
John Blancfort: *shrugs* whatever... *whispers* bad day...
Anvid Guard: *nods to Moira* I didn't not miss your gender, my lady
Moira Renner: Why doesn't anyone ever think I'm a noble? It pains me!
Anvid Guard: Are you a noble?
Moira Renner: No. But still!
Taralyn: It must be the hat, Moira *grins*
John Blancfort: do you know if there is any job to be handle in the castle? a merceneary job?
Anvid Guard: *chuckles*
Moira Renner: *grins at Taralyn*
Moira Renner: That's my HAIR!
Anvid Guard: No ma'am. Mercs are not allowed castle jobs. Security reasons.
Taralyn: I don't fancy standing outside all day myself
Taralyn: Well, thanks for your time
Anvid Guard: Only the most loyal to the king
Anvid Guard: *nods*
John Blancfort: I see
John Blancfort: thanks for your time
Taralyn: So which way is Samuel's?
Moira Renner: We should have asked the guard about Tarnn! Oh well.
Taralyn: Probably better that we didn't
Moira Renner: Maybe so.
Taralyn: We've been using it too much as it is
John Blancfort: the temple is over here
Taralyn: My map is not all filled in
Taralyn: is it the temple then?
Denyer Freeman: Samuel's is nearer the east gate.
Denyer Freeman: But the Temple is nice.
John Blancfort: well i was going to pray for this bad day.. oh well
Denyer Freeman: Means to an end, John. Means to an end.
John Blancfort: *nods*
Denyer Freeman: ... where'd they go...?
John Blancfort: there they are
Denyer Freeman: Ah. Everything alright?
Taralyn: Yeah just lost ;)
Moira Renner: Thought we saw a shoe shop
Moira Renner: *grins*
Denyer Freeman: Ah. *nods understandably*
John Blancfort: aha
Taralyn: This is the way?
Denyer Freeman: Well... this way.
Uncle Darian: hello again
Moira Renner: nobody ever knocks anymore
Denyer Freeman: Hello.
Uncle Darian: My house is your house
Taralyn: Greetings Darian, have you heard from Joshua?
Uncle Darian: Except that this isn't my house
Uncle Darian: Joshua... nope
Uncle Darian: But it wouldn't suprise me if...
Uncle Darian: well, he *is* Joshua
Moira Renner: Maybe he's at the tavern romancing the ladies
Uncle Darian: Oh my!
Uncle Darian: I didn't mean that...
John Blancfort: any idea of his whereabouts?
Moira Renner: *chuckles*
Uncle Darian: You must not know the real Joshua
Uncle Darian: I would bet my boots that he's off visiting the Tarlinium Seat...
Denyer Freeman: Hm.
Taralyn: Where in there exactly?
Uncle Darian: It's hard to keep the poor dreamer on task
Uncle Darian: That's the west side of town
John Blancfort: *nods*
Taralyn: What is it?
Moira Renner: We were just near there....
Uncle Darian: What is it?
Denyer Freeman: It's the seat of he old Emperorship.
Uncle Darian: Not very good at history are ye?
Moira Renner: *pokes Taralyn* It's where the emperor... uh yeah what he said
Taralyn: It's been a long night ;)
Denyer Freeman: That it has. Have you seen any of the others, Darian?
Uncle Darian: Nope, you're the first to return
Uncle Darian: Now Shane might be off at the Tavern romancing the ladies... or trying to..
Uncle Darian: But I'll bet he's on task
Taralyn: oh is he!
Denyer Freeman: Oh, he's a whirlwind of activity.
Moira Renner: *groans* You said it
Denyer Freeman: *dry nod*
Uncle Darian: Rebecca... I'd imagine she has business to take care of
Uncle Darian: Oh well.. you DO know the real Shane it would seem
Taralyn: All too well, Darian
Uncle Darian: can't keep that boy still for a moment
Moira Renner: Well, you know... I'd know Shane a bit more than Joshua, if you get my drift.
John Blancfort: certainly
Uncle Darian: I hate to think about what he's up to
Taralyn: So do we!
Denyer Freeman: We need to find this Tarrn and fast, before Shane lands himself in jail.
Uncle Darian: He'd just pick the lock
Taralyn: Or worse
Moira Renner: *blurts* Why would Tarnn be in the castle if we're at war with him?
John Blancfort: aye
Uncle Darian: It would all be part of some master plan...
Uncle Darian: Oh my!
Denyer Freeman: Makes you wonder.
Uncle Darian: You *have* been busy
Taralyn: Because that's where his sour notes work best Moira
Denyer Freeman: Is he just that charming?
Moira Renner: No doubt, but why would he be allowed there?
Denyer Freeman: Or is he some kind of ambassador?
Moira Renner: *nods* That's what I was wondering
Uncle Darian: Well, I can see I am not needed!
Taralyn: He has some noble connection that got him in
Uncle Darian: Oh my, you already know so much!
Denyer Freeman: We know some. Just lack a way to act on it, as yet.
Uncle Darian: You've been as busy as Shane
Uncle Darian: Or maybe busy *with* Shane *smiles*
Taralyn: That, too
Moira Renner: *tries to look innocent*
John Blancfort: don't make me remember that
Uncle Darian: I must say... that boy is smarter then he... um... acts
Taralyn: But we have to move fast, there isn't much time
Moira Renner: Oh, John. You can have a nice bath and wash all the naughty off you.
Denyer Freeman: The boy has shown... resourcefulness.
Uncle Darian: Well, see if you can find Joshua and Rebecca and see what they have found
John Blancfort: I will, yes
Denyer Freeman: *nods* That we will. PErhaps Rebecca is at the Temple.
John Blancfort: okay
Taralyn: ooc Good place to stop
Denyer Freeman: And Joshua... at the Seat... ((yup))
Moira Renner: ooc: yep, I have to put my kid to bed soon))
Dungeon Master: OCC it is time... I can keep going a bit longer but I know some of you need to go to bed
John Blancfort: I will go for a shower first...
John Blancfort: ooc ok
Taralyn: ooc and your back needs a rest too DM
Moira Renner: *grin*
Dungeon Master: OOC Hey, it's feeling better by now (lots of pain killer)
Taralyn: Thanks for running the game
Dungeon Master: OOC Okay, let's stop here
Dungeon Master: END SESSION