Over on Gamespy, they have an article about scariest moments in games. Even Coyote has gotten into the act with a post on his blog about some tense moments in Doom.

Shooters don’t usually make me nervous, since I’m often in God mode ;) I can remember, a bit vaguely (okay, more than a bit) feeling definitely uneasy through much of Infocom’s The Lurking Horror, and I certainly had some “gulp” moments during Alone In The Dark.

More recently, I cringed a little every time I opened a door in Scratches, and there was a moment when I was inside the furnace and saw something zip by very fast. Whoo! And Barrow Hill, well, any time I was away from the gas station, out there in the dark, with who knows what prowling around…yeah, I was a bit on edge.

But the scariest moment of them all came not in a computer game, but in an RPG. This was quite some years ago now, when I participated in an online (via chat) game of Bushido.

My character, Kenji, and another character in the party, Terudaji, had a disagreement over a course of action. Terudaji challenged Kenji to a duel. This was a “for real” duel, not just to first blood. My hands were shaking through much of it.

Terudaji was on his horse and using a bow. Kenji was on foot, armed with a naginata (a type of polearm). Fortunately, very fortunately, I had taken the skill of Yadomejutsu, or arrow-cutting. This gave me a chance to knock away any arrow that would otherwise hit me.

Well, the kami of dice smiled on Kenji that night, because no arrow got through to him. He finally reached Terudaji, who leapt from his horse and continued with a no-dachi (two-handed sword). Kenji was a more advanced character (Teru having joined the group late), and eventually was victorious.

But yeah, that was one sweaty experience. Nothing else so far has come close. What’s been your scariest moment?

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