Halloween is traditionally the time for soaping windows and other minor acts of mischief (some would say, vandalism). I have a little streak of mischief in me, too, although it’s more the verbal kind.

Barnes & Noble’s is a great place (of course it is; it’s a bookstore ;), and I like their clerks. One time they ordered in a book for me and I went to pick it up.

“Hi, I’m here to ransom my book”.

This past January, I was going through a box that had been buried under junk for a very long time. I came across a B&N gift certificate for $20. Paper certificate. Blank. Did I buy this for someone and forget? Hard to say. I turned it over, and saw it was stamped “December 1995”. Yep, buried a long time.

But I checked with the store and it was still good. So next time I had the chance, I went there, picked out some books, and went up to the clerk.

Me (putting books on counter): “Hi, I’m not paying for these books”.
Clerk: “Okay” (I tell ya, they have aplomb).
Me (placing cert. in counter): “I’ll trade you this antique for them”.

And there was the time – it was quite awhile back – I placed an order over the phone for a $200 order.

Clerk: “And what card would you like to put that on?”
Me: “Someone else’s”.

That came right out; I didn’t think it up beforehand. What brought this to mind was some remarks made in the comments section of “The Big Index” post about brownies.

Way, way back, in my first year running the GameSIG on CompuServe, we were coming up to April 1st. I just had to come up something for that. One thing a SysOp do was change the name of the SIG.

So, on April 1st, everyone who visited saw: “Welcome to CookieSIG!”. Naturally we had everything cookie, and thousands of recipes for chocolate chip cookies (that was just in the header; there were, of course, no recipes really).

The members got a good laugh out of it, and a few were even momentarily nonplussed, thinking they had somehow gone to the wrong the place. And then…

And then some bright individual started a thread in the RPG section on “The Armor Class Of Cookies”. I kid you not. It went on for several days. There was avid discussion on this subject, which branched out into related topics. The Elves of Keebler naturally came into it.

There was mention of the diabolical werecookies, and whisperings about the mysterious “Power Word, Fahrenheit”. It was one of the funniest things I’d ever read.

I did capture the thread, but alas, I never got around to transferring it to the PC. I’m not ever sure I have that floppy anymore. Rather a pity. It does come to mind now and then, and I always wish I had saved it. Sigh.

So this Halloween, remember to wear that studded chocolate chip armor, or the werecookies might get ya!miniscorp