Awhile back, we discussed the state of women gamers (Women And Gaming, Women And Gaming II, and Women and Gaming III – My Take). Now I’ve come across something that makes we wonder if the position of women in gaming is taking a step backward.

I refer to – and I kid you not – The “Miss Videogame 2007” contest. Perhaps such a thing was inevitable. Nonetheless, it’s hard to see how this is going to advance gaming among women.

Looking over the website, I saw they had plenty of contestants already. Some appear to be regular hardcore gamers. Others, well, when someone’s favorite games are Tetris and Snake (played on a cell phone), you have to wonder.

You also have to wonder when you find this statement:

Even if you don’t know anything about video games sign up and learn – that’s what this is all about, spreading gaming to women around the globe!!!

My idea of increasing the number of women gamers isn’t a flesh parade/popularity contest. I think it just reinforces stereotypes we can do without. It seems that if female players (at least the young ones) don’t look sexy, there must be something “wrong” with them.

I also looked over the Sponsors page, where they said they were “finalizing” the sponsors, but none were listed as yet. Could it be they don’t have any? I wonder if this contest will come off at all?

In any case, take a look for yourself and tell me what you think.

Miss Videogame 2007