Yes. Today is my birthday. I am indeed a Scorpio (for those of you who care about such things). But this isn’t about that day long ago when Momma Scorpion brought me into the world. It’s about cake.

There is a little pastry shop in my neighborhood that has a fantastic chocolate mousse cake. Light as a feather, melts in your mouth, and not too sweet. Every couple of months or so, I buy a piece (it’s sold by the slice).

Naturally, this being (ha) my day, I wanted a slice. It’s been some time since I had some, and I could almost taste it already. Yes, I was really looking forward to that chocolate mousse delight. So I go to the shop.

“Due to plumbing problems, we are closed today”.

It would have to be today, wouldn’t it? I stood there a minute or so, thinking many dark thoughts. Well, there’s a supermarket nearby, and they usually have single-piece pastries. I trudge over.

Not one. No, not one single-slice piece of cake, or anything else. Then I recalled there’s another pastry shop. That one is near the post office. Of course, I’d already been there to check my box. But hey, it’s “that day” and I’m desperate. Gotta have cake!

So off I go to the other place. It’s closed. No sign up, but they’re closed. In the meantime, I remember that the current issue of CGW is the last one, and I’d been meaning to pick it up. And Barnes & Noble is conveniently around the corner.

All too convenient. B&N is a dangerous place. I managed to escape $40 later (with the mag, a book, and the D&D 3.5 Player’s Handbook).

So now I’m down to my last resort. There’s another supermarket, and this one has a full pastry section. They usually have chocolate mousse cake, though not as good as the other. I head over there.

No chocolate mousse. In fact, the only sell-by-slice cakes they had were strawberry shortcake and carrot cake. But at least they had something. After a short internal debate, I bought a slice of carrot cake. Okay, it ain’t chocolate mousse, but at least it’s cake.

Of course, on my way back home, I passed that second shop, and – you guessed it – they were now open. Hohoho.

And in each place I bought something, the clerks all said, “Have a good day”. I would love to have a good day (I would also love to have chocolate mousse cake).

When I remember someone’s birthday (which is usually when someone else reminds me), I call up and (ahem) treat them to a falsetto rendition of “Happy Barfday”. Today, I am going to treat myself.

Happy Barfday to me…
Happy Barfday to me…