Last night’s session was the reverse of the previous week’s outing. There we had a duel of swords; this week it was a duel of words. A fascinating session. Eventually.

Taralyn was not at her best. In what’s become a rather tedious routine, I lost connection three times last night. This was always preceded by a bad lag. So for much of the time, I was bouncing between frustration (“[censored] There it goes again”) and fear (“Uh oh, lagging again”). This made it a little hard for me to concentrate.

So last time, we had found the Rod Of The Veranites (after a battle with a very nasty beholder). Now we wanted to bring it to Samuel’s headquarters. Of course, we didn’t get there.

On our way to HQ, Denyer stopped into the local Temple of Soladon (the good god). I suspect a nudge from the DM there, since we had no real reason to go in. Anyway, we meet Rebecca, another of Samuel’s group.

Rebecca used to be a member of the Order, but after she joined with Samuel, she was dismissed. She wants another interview with Arduin, the Order’s leader, to try to convince him that Samuel is what he claims. Last time, she didn’t get that chance.

She wants us with her as moral support. We agree, and she asks Elam (a member of the order) to set up an interview with Arduin. This took a little chat all around before Elam agreed to try.

Much to his surprise, Arduin would see us. Us, not Rebecca. This is where the major part of the session took place.

Arduin was very much anti-Samuel. Just as well Rebecca wasn’t there; she’d never have had a chance of convincing Arduin of anything.

Arduin was very slick, very smooth. He did his best (and it was quite good) to sow dissension and doubt in the ranks. Taralyn was much impressed with his presentation, while not believing a word of it. Moira, I think, was equally dubious of his claims. Denyer seemed a little iffy.

The paladin, however, is having a crisis of faith. He isn’t sure now which side is right. And that’s a problem. He’s carrying the rod. Next session, we have to decide whether or not we give it to Samuel, who, we learned just at the end, is back from the front.

So will we all pull together? Or will we end up fighting among ourselves, to the advancement of evil and the detriment of good? Only next session (connections willing) will tell.