That’s right. You, too, can make (or maybe, lose) money with games. No programming experience needed. Just, sometime in the near (or near distant) future, head over to your favorite casino.

Think I’m kidding? Ubisoft has just signed a deal for casino games based on Heroes Of Might & Magic 5. Naturally, we wonder what sort of games these might be. Something tells me it won’t be pinball.

Video poker featuring monsters and characters from the game? Or maybe slot machines with similar features? Or is there something new in the works for gambling games based om HOMM 5?.

There are all sorts of fascinating angles to this. Do they think that a lot of gamblers are also fans of computer games? Are they expecting to draw in new players by using HOMM 5 as a base?

Will there be an outcry that now “games are used to teach kids to gamble”? Will there be advertising in future products for casinos that feature HOMM-based games? Hoohah, I bet that would raise a storm.

And if it’s a success, will other game companies follow suit? Should we expect a “Gothic” or “Neverwinter Nights” slot game in the future? Doom 3? Super Mario? The mind boggles at the thought.

The real question though, is: Is this a good thing? I wonder. Gambling tends to have negative associations here. Linking that with computer or console games may bring about a backlash. Games are getting a lot of attention these days over violence. Adding gambling to that may not be a good thing at all.

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