Atari is hanging on by its fingernails, but it’s hanging on. Having sold off all its own internal development studios and arranged for that $15 million loan, Atari showed a profit for the first time in a long time.

Of course, $300K or so is not exactly a great profit. Then again, it’s certainly better than a loss, especially with sales down.

While that’s “sorta” good news, we need to keep in mind that the parent company, Infogrames, is in big trouble itself. They are still trying to restructure, with a stockholder meeting next week, or at least, they hope there will be one next week.

So everything is still very iffy, and Atari isn’t out of the financial mire yet. I suspect that what will really count is the Infogrames meeting next week, if it comes off. Or even if it doesn’t.

What that may mean for Neverwinter 2 is unclear. Get those patches while you can, just in case.

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