Last night was the sixth session of Bruce’s online NWN campaign. There were some tough moments, but also a first.

No one dropped. Not even me, and I hold the record, having lost connection at least once in each of the previous sessions. In fact, most of the time there wasn’t even much of a lag. I hope this continues for the rest of the campaign.

On the other hand, we didn’t have Moira with us, and that was a problem. We waited until well past the usual start time, but she never showed. For awhile, we debated in-character whether to give Samuel the Rod Of The Veranites.

This is a critical decision in the game, and we all wanted Moira to be there for it. So we blathered on, but eventually we had to get on with things. Fortunately, the DM was able to sneak in a little sub-quest to pad out the session.

We left the temple and went to Samuel’s headquarters. He was back temporarily from the front, and not in good shape. He was more fatigued than anything else. He told us things were not going all that well, but he needed rest.

During the conversation, he received a magical message that zombies were attacking at the mercenary encampment just outside the city (the sub-quest). Before we left, he also mentioned the Rod Of The Veranites, which we carefully didn’t say we already found.

Since the party was short-handed, an NPC Cleric named Rebecca joined us. And a good thing, too, because those undead were pretty darn tough.

We arrived at the merc camp to find everything quiet. One of the mercs laughed at our suggestion that any zombies could get in. After all, there were scouts out to watch for that.

However, zombies don’t need to breath. They came up out of the water, and then the combat started. This was a tough struggle, even with Rebecca in the party. Everyone took hits, and unfortunately, John, our Paladin, bit the dust (in looking over the transcript, I could see that those undead hit hard).

We healed up a little, and then a second wave of undead came in. Fortunately, this group wasn’t as tough, and we had a much easier time of it. No one else died, except maybe a merc or two.

John re-joined us after the second fight, having been resurrected by Samuel. After some byplay with a surviving merc, who wondered if we might be more than human, we returned to Samuel’s headquarters for a rest.

So that’s where we are now, and next week, we will have to decide about that Rod. I just hope everyone will be there for that moment.