Some of you know that I don’t play the online MP games. The “Asheron’s Call” and “Everquest” types, with hundreds of people in them. These, for me, are a big turnoff.

Of course, I’ve done some online play. For instance, I’ve been through both Diablo and Diablo 2 with friends (one at a time). And I’m in Bruce’s NWN “Light Reborn” campaign, which I’m enjoying very much.

You’ll notice that they all have a couple of things in common. One is that they are all “closed universes”, with a small number of participants.

The other is the most important one to me: they have a goal. I am a very goal-oriented person. And these massive online games don’t have an overall objective.

They just go on forever. Sure, you can build up a character, and go on little quests, but so what? What’s the purpose? Eventually, your character is maxed out. Then you could create a new one and start over again, but sometime or other that one will reach its limits, too.

To me, that’s just a waste of time. I’m not much into “socializing”, and aside from that, there isn’t anything except advance your character, with nothing to do beyond killing critters.

That’s standard in any RPG, but the typical solo game eventually reaches a conclusion. You’re heading for a finale. Of course, that finale is almost always “Kill Foozle and save the world”, and this can get a bit dull, as we’ve already discussed.

Still, there is satisfaction to be gained from achieving that goal. Then, if the game was good, you can go back and try it with a different character. If not, move on to something else.

So games without resolutions have no appeal for me. If I’m going to take the time to build up a character and fight through the hordes, I want that effort to mean something more than just reaching a limit of development.

To sum it up: I play to win, and in MP games, you can’t win, because there’s no end.miniscorp