Over at GamerNode, they have a preview of the Knights Of Nine add-on for Oblivion. Having looked it over, I’m not too sure I want KON.

From the article, it seems there’s a lot of make-work involved. First there are a bunch of shrines to visit. Then you have to collect pieces of a long-gone hero’s special armor.

Funny about that. Sounds almost like Knight of Diamonds, if somewhat more elaborate.

But I’m really not all that interested in playing “pick up sticks”. This sort of thing in a game usually isn’t much fun. Run here and get this, run there and get that. Fight those monsters, defeat these enemies. Not the most creative plot.

Had there been something a little more involving, a little less hackneyed, I might have gone for it. As it is, I think I’ll skip this one. It’s not worth the price to me, even with the extra content (the content Bethesda was selling as downloads for small amounts of money).

Read the preview and decide for yourselves.

Knights Of Nine Preview on GamerNode