The other day I was over at Gamasutra and saw an article about what could be called the latest in techie-toys for the hardcore gamer.

This is a set of controller unit, lights, speakers, subwoofer, fans, and a “wrist rumbler”. These are spread out among different kits you can buy, with the premium one having everything.

The idea behind all this is to provide a “greater sensory experience” while playing games. So, for instance, if you were schussing down a mountain, a fan would blow air on you to simulate the rush of wind as you hurtled down the slope.

Naturally, games would have to be programmed to coordinate with these gadgets. Without that, nothing would happen.

The real question is, will this set-up really doing anything to enhance gaming experience, or would it just prove a distraction? Is this the way to get “total immersion” in games? Check out the articles and see what you think (the first article has a link to another one; be sure to read both).

Immersion Gaming at Gamasutra