Presto alerted me to a news squib on RPG Watch that Interplay seems about to rise from the dead. Maybe. They have made a filing with the SEC, and are looking for out-of-US investors.

I find that interesting. For one thing, it means they don’t have to do any other filings with the SEC. One does wonder about that.

The purpose of this search for money is “for general purposes and to develop an online Fallout game” (everyone seems to be referring to that as “FOOL”).

“General purposes” is a bit vague. And some people at Interplay seemed set up to do quite well if funding is obtained and the shares sell at a decent price.

As to whether there will be an online Fallout, that remains to be seen. I gather there isn’t much of a staff left over there, so such a project may take some time to get off the ground, if ever.

The link below goes to a copy of the filing with the SEC, and tells you all there is to know at the moment.

Interplay’s SEC Filing