In a rather astonishing turn of events, Bethesda has posted on their official forums, and also on the No Mutants Allowed (NMA) fan forum, that they are inviting modders from the ES/Fallout community to apply for a level design position at Bethesda.

Yes, it seems for real. And yes, this is for Fallout 3. It’s already known that FO3 will be using the same engine as Oblivion. So, in a way, it’s not surprising that Bethesda wants someone with mod experience in that game.

But it strikes me as more than a little strange they would recruit in this fashion. Now, it’s not unknown for a company to hold a contest with the prospect of a job. Bioware has done that in the past with the Neverwinter Nights community, and I recall one or two people were hired on the basis of their work.

Many gamers are already worried about Bethesda doing FO3, and this has done nothing to alleviate those concerns. Especially since “building dungeons” seems to be an important part of the application.

Of course, “dungeon” has many meanings. Regardless, I don’t know if it’s a good sign that Bethesda has made an appeal directly to the fans.

Links below to the topic on both forums:

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