So we had the seventh session of the Light Reborn, and we’re moving closer to the finale. Once again, I dropped several times during the session. However, I think I’m getting closer to the solution of that.

I’ve satisfied myself it’s not a problem with the ISP. That leaves the modem and Windows, and I will be checking those out in next couple of days. Meanwhile, back in fantasy land…

We were at the point of deciding whether to give the Rod Of The Veranites to Samuel. Wanting to be sure we did the right thing, the party tried to obtain more information about the Rod, the Veranites, and Christopher Roeland, the last Emperor.

We returned to the Tarlinium Seat and questioned Oldan the caretaker again. We picked up some more information, but nothing that, at least so far as we could see, was immediately helpful.

Then the party tried Shane, who was working on a way of getting us into the castle so we could learn more about Tarnn, but Shane hadn’t made much progress in that area. It was the same with Kaeri, who was also trying to find information for us.

So we were left pretty much where we started, having to make the big decision. For a moment, Taralyn thought she had come up with a way of proving Samuel true or false.

However, the DM, in his generosity, had her make an intelligence roll, and (the roll being successful) pointed out something to her, which trashed the whole idea. Oh well.

John the paladin was still somewhat doubtful. We had a long discussion about everything, and finally decided to hand over the rod.

There were a couple of tense moments back at Samuel’s HQ. Samuel had rested and was about to return to the front. We waited for John to say something, but he still seemed in an agony of indecision.

Finally, after some prompting from the rest of us, he revealed we had the Rod and gave it to Samuel. Naturally, Samuel was quite pleased, as the Rod is a power focus and should come in handy fighting the zombie army.

So now he’s back at the war, and we will – unless the DM has something else up his capacious sleeve – get back to tracking down Tarnn and the source that is powering the undead. Stay tuned, sports fans!