Surveying the game scene at this moment, I find it a rather depressing situation.

Neverwinter 2 is now on its third patch, and the game has been out less than a month. The latest patch is a “beta” release, issued with the usual many warnings. After the guinea pigs have finished with it, the “official” one will come along.

When that will be is unknown. However, if the official patch is stable, and hasn’t broken anything major, likely I will get NWN2 next.

Gothic 3 I’m not touching anytime soon. The official boards are full of people having all kinds of trouble with this one. The problems range from graphic woes to slow loading times, and that from gamers with fast rigs.

All sorts of workarounds are being posted, and not just for in-game video tweaks. Some of them require messing with the .ini files. This is bad news. I think I’ll wait a couple more patches before I consider playing G3.

Silverfall has been released in the French version, and already there is a patch out for it. As usual, not a good sign. I’m not sure when the U.S. release is due, but I’ll probably hold off awhile, because likely it will need a patch as well.

Also, in poking around the net about this game, I see it described as an “action/RPG”, which doesn’t excite me all that much.

Hellgate: London is getting some buzz now, although a release isn’t imminent. This one, too, is billed as “action/RPG”, and given it’s from the same folks (or some of them) who gave us Diablo, I’m betting the emphasis will be on “action”.

The Christmas season isn’t looking all that merry right now. Ho hum.