You’re thinking: Nancy Drew? Yup. More properly, The Creature Of Kapu Cave. How come?

Well, first, if you read It’s Depressing.., you’ll see that pickings elsewhere are a bit slim. Also, this is an adventure game, and I haven’t played one since Barrow Hill.

I’ve also wanted to check one of these out, and see what they’re like. And finally, you don’t need a mini-Cray to play it. The requirements are amazingly modest:

1 Gig CPU
128 Meg RAM (yes, meg)
1 Gig HD space
32 Meg (yes, 32) Video Card
16-bit soundcard.

Naturally, with those specs, the graphics aren’t going to be cutting-edge. But you know I’m not interested in eye-candy, so that doesn’t matter. As long as the visuals are decent, I’m satisfied. Oh yeah, and No Patch Needed! (what a change of pace!!)

So this is a point-and-click interface. I just sat through a nice tutorial (there is no manual to speak of) that walks you through everything you need to know. There is both voice-over and text (text can be turned on or off).

An interesting feature is that the Hardy boys are also in this adventure (perhaps to appeal more to male players?). Nancy has a cell phone and she can call them on it. Doing so switches places, and you can then play as one of the Hardys.

Movement is step-at-a-time, with cursor arrows showing which way you can go or turn. It’s fairly smooth, but not like the 360-full motion movement in most games.

So our gal is off to Hawaii to work as a research assistant to a Dr. Kim. This isn’t going to be any tropic holiday, though. Nope, Things Are Happening!

The pineapple crop is dying off, and no one knows why. There’s a cut scene at the very beginning, showing Dr. Kim’s base camp being trashed. Also, plenty of rumors around that a mysterious monster, the Kane Okala (“rough-skinned man”) is on a rampage. Maybe because the equally-mysterious Hilihili Research Center is doing something bad (or maybe not).

Nancy’s first stop is Big Mike’s Immersion Excursion, where she’s supposed to pick up some car keys. Mike is running a “live like A Hawaiian” tour. And he won’t hand over the key until Nancy has had a taste of Hawaiian life.

In this case, it’s making a shell necklace. So off to the beach we go, where Nancy has a meeting with the Hardy boys. They’re here doing a background check on Big Mike and his daughter, who is a hot-shot surfer.

After that, time is spent collecting a bunch of shells (they seem to regenerate after awhile) and making the necklace. Mike hands over the keys with a warning about the Kane Okala.

Yeah, it’s a simple puzzle, but it does get you into the interface. And with that done, it’s time to drive off to the base camp…or what’s left of it. What will we find among the wreckage? Stay tuned, sports fans!